Are you a florist? Why “water” is an essential element to your employees motivation.

A florist needs to care for his or her plants to make a living. Think of flowers as a florists employees. You yourself most likely have flowers, if not at home you might have it at your workplace. Having flowers that don’t dry up requires you to give them nutrition, and not forgetting it e.g. assign a bad system of care for your plants.

This famous quote from the author of the 7 habits of highly effective people sums it up:

“If you put good people in bad systems you get bad results. You have to water the flowers you want to grow.” — Stephen Covey

One of the most important factors in having a highly motivated staff is for them to feel they can develop. They need to feel that they have something to gain in your organization. Therefore as a leader you must think as a florist and look at your employees as flowers.

  1. A flowers starts as a seed. A seed has certain attributes, and different seeds gives different plants. A seed is like a fresh employee. You have hired them believing they have the necessary attributes you need in your organization. How would you treat a seed?
  2. First up you need a pot and some soil. The pot is your organization, the tangible elements such as the buildings, offices, the people and the equipment. It is also the intangible such as culture, stories and heroes. The soil is the work station or work site for the employee. It is ensuring the essentials in place for the new employee, such as computer, cellphone, log in details etc. What kind of environment is the new employee working in. As for a seed, it is a place to start to grow.
  3. Then the pot needs light. The light symbolize the attention you give the new employee. Being seen is very important, they need to feel welcome. Ensure an introduction that will make the new employee feel welcome and wanted. The light gives the seed energy to grow.
  4. Lastly and most important, the plant needs water to grow. Water is the effort you put in to train and develop your staff. The feedback you give them about their performance. A florist water its plants in a system, you need to have a system in place ensuring that you employees doesn’t dry out. Pour some water on them from time to time and they will develop and thus you will have a higher motivated workforce,

So water in this sense is the your willingness to commit to your employees. Just as a florist you can’t afford your resources to dry in. It is too costly and time-consuming. Therefore by changing your mentality and ensuring that you care for your resources you will see big improvements to retention and ultimately productivity.

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