Whose objectives was it again?

Organizations today come up with some really great vision and mission statements. These are often public and you will often find them easily accessible on their web page. Who makes these statements? Who are they for? And who must make sure that they are reached. There are many stakeholders that want to have a say, but what about the employees? Do they share these objectives?

When studying and reading about strategic management you learn about goal setting in terms of establishing a vision for the future. These grand ideas is often made because stakeholders needs reassurance that the company has a plan into the future. The vision and mission statements are then separated into different goals and objectives, into teams and departments.Research show that to better be able to reach these objectives an engaged workforce is beneficial. It is easy to assume that engagement and goal motivation goes hand in hand.

It often does when the company let their employees have a say in the companies objectives. Many companies make their goals, objectives, vision and mission about what they consider important. By doing so the employee work for goals that are given to them, therefore it is more likely that engagement is low.

When the employees is a part of developing their own goals they will have more ownership of the goal. It is easier for people to reach goals they set for themselves. Even though company objectives is reached when the objective is given by stakeholders it is unknown what the result would have been had the employees been given an opportunity  to shape the objective.

As a manager you have to be aware that the goals you have for the company might not be shared by your employees. By developing vision and mission statements, goals and objective together with your employees they will feel greater responsibility for the objectives thus enabling you to reach the companies goals.

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