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About the author

Focus on the doing things right has always been something that has moved me forward. Either in the life of business, as a student, sports or in life as general. I don’t know why I was the lucky one to be put here but I have decided that this is the one opportunity I have to mark my present.

This blog is my first step to give something back.

Life is about work, either you like it or not. We spend countless hours at work making it our number one occupation throughout life. My interest in the field of work was sparked by the sudden realization I had when work was consuming me before I had turned 25. Something had to change.

My main interest is organizational psychology, leadership development, global talent development and building passion driven teams within small and medium-sized organization.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management & Employment Relations and International Business from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand and a masters degree in HR from ISCTE, Portugal.

I am now a an entrepreneur and I am currently working on several projects, mostly in online marketing, SEO, PPC and online privacy & security

My interest in HR is still there.

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Digital Nomad Solutions

Flaneur Web Solutions


Eu-Gdpr.no (in Norwegian)

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